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Hiii :)

Thought I might introduce myself to the new VW communities I just joined :) Im LJ dumb so I apologize in advance for the lack of the cut... this might be kinda long.

Im Anna. Im punkinbug on newbeetle.org, tdilady on vwvortex.com, and golf lady on swtdiclub.com.

It all started in 1998 when VW released the new beetle. My love for cars started there. After much anticipation I bought my first new beetle, a 2002 snap orange 1.8t... Lola

and a 2.0 silver arrow nB for my husband, Lulu

As much as I adored my Lolabug, I had to sell her last year when gas prices skyrocketted. I couldn't afford the premium gas... so I sold her and bought my 2001 Golf TDI, Trooper!

We are very active in our local VW scene.. we participate in shows and cruises. Jim will have a spot in a VW performance shop as soon as they find a suitable garage/shop combo, we are super excited about that! Our cars have a few cosmetic modifications but other than that they are stock, I would like to chip the diesel eventually but money is tight while my hubby is in school so we take it as we can. They are spoiled rotten little cars though, we love them to bits.

Nice to meet you!!!
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